Hue Festival 2010 from June 5-13/2010

Like the Avignon Festival of France, Adelaide Festival of Australia, Edinburgh Festival of the United Kingdom and others, Hue Festival, staged in Hue – Vietnam’s antique capital, is preparation for its biennial cultural and tourism event

With the theme “Cultural patrimony with Integration and Development” and in celebrating the Millennium Anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi, Hue Festival 2010 is going to be a grand, impressive and spectacular event with hundreds of exceptional cultural and tourism programs to enhance the unique cultural values of Vietnam and Hue antique capital. The Festival will promisingly be a rendezvous for antique cities and world – cultural – patrimony cities, a important arts and cultural forum of Vietnam and the region, in association with the expansion of international exchanges, socio-economic improvement and the promotion of Vietnamese tourism development.

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To promote the continued success of this nationwide and world-class cultural event from the Festivals of 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 and together with the goal of enhancing arts potential and professionalization, Hue is ready to welcome hundreds of thousands domestic and international visitors to Hue Festival 2010, to be held from June 5 to 13, 2010 in its beautiful and antique city. (Hue Festival 2008 attracted 150,000 domestic and 30,000 international visitors from 75 nations and territories).

Hue Festival 2010 from June 5-13/2010

The charming and alluring space of Hue Citadel by night will continue to serve as the centre of Hue Festival. Here, visitors will be able to admire diverse arts performances, the royal palace by night, attend banquets, watch entertaining and smart royal games. In expanding to the Citadel, the satellite towns and many other places within Hue City, including An Dinh Palace, Nguyen Van Troi Park, Thuong Bac Park, 3-2 Park, Nguyen Dinh Chieu Pedestrian path, Thuan An Resort, Lang Co Beach, Thanh Toan Tile Roofed Bridge, Phuoc Tich ceramics community in Phong Dien District, Nam Dong Town, A Luoi District, the Memorial Park of the nation’s hero Quang Trung – Nguyen Hue, the Huyen Tran Princess sacred precinct, and other locations will also serve as festival venues with splendid, magnificent and entertaining arts performances, customary playgrounds, gastronomy areas from early morning until late at night.Hue Festival 2010 opening ceremony will be on June 5, 2010 at the Ngo Mon square and the end ceremony on June 13, 2010 on the Huong River with innovative and impressive performances. In order to warm up and welcome Hue Festival 2010, the most fascinating, entertaining and diverse forms of fringe activities will take place prior to the opening ceremony.Hue Festival 2010 will be a show place for the most exceptional art performances in Vietnam, especially Hue royal arts and other exotic performances from different Vietnamese sub-cultures; arts performances with cultural nuances of the five continents represented by many countries and territories from nearby the world (including France – main partner), Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Cambodia, Central Africa, China, Denmark, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Laos, Mexico, Mongolia, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States of America, etc.). Hue Festival 2010 will continue the tradition of re-enacting unique royal festivities of Hue antique Capital with large scale, well-staged and entertaining performances. The Festival will consist of the participation of a great number of artists, actors and the communal in the Nam Giao gift Ritual, Royal Palace by Night, and Legend of Huong River. On the opening of the Millennium Anniversary of Thang Long and the historical event where
Nguyen Phuc Lan Lord premium Kim Long to be the capital city of the Southern Kingdom, Hue Festival 2010 will consist of a execution of the ‘Itinerary to reclaim the country’s land” on stage, and re-enact the ‘Navy manoeuvre under the dynasty of Nguyen Phuc Lan Lord’, and others. The Ao Dai Fashion Show will be a extra program within a glamorous and great setting, showing colorful designs against the charming and elegant features of Hue antique city. ‘The Oriental Night’ will display the remarkable charm and the uniqueness of Asian ethnic costumes. ‘Hue customary wedding’ will be a association to the gastronomy festival serving ‘Hue vegetarian dishes’, and much more, with an aim to entice tourists to try Hue cuisine.From the mysterious Citadel to local neighborhoods, from temples, palaces, tombs to antique towns and craft villages of Hue, a large number of tourist, cultural and diverse festival activities will take place. Tourists will have a opening to gawk diversified living arts of the Hue people, enjoy remarkable tours to communities and lagoons such as ‘Lang Co – the World’s Most beautiful Bay’, ‘One day, one night, one adventure’, ‘Tam Giang, Sun and Wind’, ‘Discovering Green Nam Dong’, and others. They can make pilgrimages to Hue’s sublime pagodas, wallow in customary and folk festivals, visit the mysterious tombs of Kings, poetic landscapes of the antique capital, and enjoy Hue’s yummy food and beautiful music on the romantic Huong river.Hue Festival 2010 promises to be a season of festivities with new, special, impressive and charming activities for tourists from far and near.Welcome to Hue Festival 2010 for the palpate of entertaining adventures and charming discoveries.

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