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The beautiful orchid flowers of Thailand

Botanically speaking, orchids come from the same family as palms, grasses, and lilies. Orchids are very adaptable flowers and have animated evolutionary features, for example some have a false bulb which the plant uses to store water for the dryer seasons. Others are epiphytic which means they do not need soil to grow, and survive […]

Tour in Thailand – discovering beautiful places with its main attractions

Thailand, which often is as a land of smiles, one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. It is a vibrant city, the tourist attraction, tourists and honeymoon world from around the world tumbled. Its habitat, cultural heritage and beauty, islands, beaches, caves, bustling markets, parks, etc. In fact, the ideal place for a pleasant […]

discover the Top 5 beautiful Beach Resorts of Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Thailand is a place with many gorgeous and interesting beaches. Here are the top five most visited beaches in Phuket: 1.     Le Meriden Phuket Beach – settled at the Phuket’s Westcoast regions. It has an area of 40 acres lot, a very spacious resort anyone would love. Le Meriden has a total of 417 […]