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Thailand Culture and Etiquette

Of all the Indochinese nations, Thailand is the only one never to have been colonised, something of which they are very proud. Over 90% of Thais are Buddhist followers and this has shaped much of their culture. As part of this, a strong sense of status exists in Thai society. It is therefore improbable that […]

Flower Culture in Thailand

Thai floral art is as old as the population of Thailand. Mainly practised by the wealthy and those related to the palace, it was also something that local villagers used in offerings to Buddha. There is a exact style to Thai floral art and it can be clear that an arrangement is north or north […]

A Guide to Chiang Mai, Thailand’s Capital of Culture: Your Best selection for a Holiday in Asia

With a history of over 700 years, Chiang Mai has long been carefully the cultural hub of northern Thailand. Practically 435 miles from Bangkok, it is a city that combines scenic vistas of the highest mountains in Thailand, arts and crafts centers, and modernity that have been drawing an expanding estimate of travelers and long-term […]

Thailand communication and Culture – What to Do When You Meet Thai people

If you are going to visit Thailand or meet with Thai people, you may wonder what to do to make a good impression. Thailand transportation technique should be used so that you can converse with them amicably. Here are some of the tips that you can use including: 1 Say Hello in Thai: Thailand Thai […]

Holidays in Thailand: Thailand, the culture and the paradise not to be missed!

Boat colorful markets and dynamic, friendly faces and beautiful scenery combine holiday in Thailand. blessed with miles of beaches, tropical sunshine, delicious food and heady metropolis of Bangkok, Thailand holidays have something special to offer. Known as the "Land of Smiles", the country is famous for its hospitality, which advise that you always want to […]

Thailand Culture Tips – How to Be a Farang in Thailand

I never dreamed I’d end up as a farang in Thailand. But here I am, and it’s a pretty good life too. If you’ve got a similar idea floating nearby your head (Ie. You’re reasoning you might come and holiday, or reside in Thailand), then I’ve got news for you. You’re going to come to […]