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Living The "Forever" of Marriage in Thailand

Transnational marriages are coarse in Thailand. One has to get used to finding a Thai woman with her foreign husband, walking hand in hand along the streets of Bangkok. It has become an lowly view; which the culture accepts, which the law permits. If you are a foreigner who has a Thai wife, it is […]

Free data and Help Groups About Living in Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya city Expats clubs. Free data about living in Pattaya Thailand. Living in Pattaya is very different to arrival on holiday. On holiday in Thailand everything is cheap and you can indulge yourself with things you could not imagine doing at home. No wonder then many who come to holiday in Thailand decide to make […]

Living in Thailand – How to know that the land of smiles too long

Thailand is a great place to live. friendly people, good food and beautiful landscapes are some good reasons to live here. However, culture is very different from what most Westerners are used to. Here is a list to determine if some of the most interesting cultural differences have banned Thai you. They see an elephant […]