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Living The "Forever" of Marriage in Thailand

Transnational marriages are coarse in Thailand. One has to get used to finding a Thai woman with her foreign husband, walking hand in hand along the streets of Bangkok. It has become an lowly view; which the culture accepts, which the law permits. If you are a foreigner who has a Thai wife, it is […]

Essentials Of Thailand Marriage Visa

Introduction to Thai marriage visa A Thailand marriage visa falls under the Non-immigrant “O” category. This is excellent for those who are married to Thai nationals and are planning to stay in Thailand. Evidently, this type of visa brings numerous benefits to interracial marriages. Thailand Thai marriage visaEligibility Essentials Of Thailand Marriage Visa One major […]

Marriage in Thailand – A Practical option Among Foreigners!

If you opportunity to be in Bangkok on a normal weekday and you wish to scrutinize a good whole of couples of various nationalities and religious backgrounds tying the knot, then march to Bangrak district, the busiest district office in Bangkok, notorious for accommodating a score of marrying couples on a daily basis. Mind you […]

Marriage in Thailand For Filipinos

The journey of the Filipino bride who’s traveling to Thailand to get married here starts with documents making ready required by the Philippine embassy in Bangkok before it can issue the Legal Capacity to compact Marriage (Lccm) certificate which is an important requirement for the Thai marriage registration. The Filipino fiance or fiancee would first […]