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Five Reasons to Pick Phangan Thailand as Your Vacation Destination

If you are looking to find an island getaway then your quest is done because there is nowhere like southern Thailand when looking for a tropical island getaways.  The combination of the tropical climate, relaxing and harmonious atmosphere and number of water sports make the islands in the south of Thailand a beach lovers’ paradise. […]

5 reasons for off-peak travel in Thailand

So you have decided that the Land of Smiles is the target for the holidays this year. Tropical, easy on the food budget, well that is not love? And to make the most of your time, go go, when things festival in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand's Songkran, New Year, the Lantern Festival-Flower. Right? False. Here's […]

handcrafted Silk Shawls & Scarves – 8 Reasons To Buy handcrafted Shawls & Scarves As Holiday Gifts!

1. Everyone loves a unique gift, especially when a lot of time and notion has been put into it. Handcrafted gifts are often one-of-a-kind; so there is a pretty good opportunity your extra person won’t see twenty or more of the same gift on a rack at Macy’s or Nordstrom’s. Your extra person will feel […]

Non-retirement in Thailand – 7 good reasons why not retire to Thailand!

Married to a Thai and a desire to Thailand for the tasty treats, tropical beaches, sun and smiles retire? Before you head over not, rush a long look at these reasons retire in Thailand. 1. Political instability in Thailand Thailand Holiday Those who retire in Thailand plan must take into account the current disastrous policies. […]

4 Reasons Why You Need to Go to Thailand

Thailand is known all colse to the world as the free country but this is not the only presuppose why tourists and travelers flock to it. Thailand is an appealing country to trip to, whether it’s because of the unspoiled culture or its natural Asian beauty. It is by all means; of course worth visiting […]

The best reasons to visit the island of Koh Samui, Thailand

"Experience the Thai island" Most visitors to Thailand in search of flock to Phuket, it seems that some discovered in the beautiful island of Koh Samui, making it currently the second largest island of the most popular destination in Thailand. Koh Samui has seen some great things and places to see and do. So hopefully […]