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An Enchanting Island Holiday in the Land of Smiles

Do you want to go on an island holiday which is a tropical paradise on earth? With its ancient history, serene beaches and crystal clear waters filled with colorful fishes and spectacular coral formations, Krabi is the most sought-after destination for island lovers. Krabi is located in Southern Thailand off the Andaman Sea and is […]

Living in Thailand – How to know that the land of smiles too long

Thailand is a great place to live. friendly people, good food and beautiful landscapes are some good reasons to live here. However, culture is very different from what most Westerners are used to. Here is a list to determine if some of the most interesting cultural differences have banned Thai you. They see an elephant […]

Thailand – The Land of Smiles and Cheap trip

Thailand is known as the land of smiles, which is overwhelming inspecting the traffic jams in Bangkok. For funds travelers, Thailand plainly can’t beat on price alone. Thailand Thailand Thailand is an odd mix of contrasts. It can be highly stressful while trying to get colse to in Bangkok and gloriously relaxing while laying on […]