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healing Tourism, healing medicine and voyage in Thailand

healing tourism continues to show strong growth around the world as costs of healthcare, and often waiting times, in industrialized countries also continue to rise. Possible condition care recipients are turning face their own countries, in ever addition numbers, and Thailand is one of the main countries to benefit from this trend.  Thailand, considered by […]

Tourism & Scuba Diving returns to Thailand – tsunami 5 years on

Scuba Diving in Thailand has many rewards for Recreational Scuba Divers, and world class dive sites in Phuket and the Similan/Surin islands are recognised for their vibrant nautical life, nutrient-rich coral reefs and clear blue, warm water. Adventurous tourists flocked to Thailand in crusade of palm fringed golden sand beaches, luxurious beachside accommodation, endless watersports […]

Dental Tourism in Thailand

Thailand has often been at the centre stage of the world for providing overwhelming tourism to population from all over the world. Its gorgeous locales, sandy beaches, and warm nature have often won the hearts of millions of population who have paid a visit to the country for enterprise or leisure alike. A new understanding […]

Political Downturn As Thailand Tourism Accelerates

This is certainly a high accolade and not to be downplayed in any way, and proves there is more to the Land of Smiles than meets the eye. Thailand and Scandinavia have long established a firm and fruitful relationship, with 378,387 Swedish tourists visiting the Kingdom during 2007, generating somewhere in the region of 25 […]

Thailand – A Huge Hot Spot For curative Tourism

Medical Tourism is becoming more favorite by the day. Out of all of the places to visit in Southeast Asia, Thailand is often one of the most favorite destination points. It is so popular, in fact, that equates for practically 7% of the entire Gdp! To understand what Thailand can offer you as a visitor, […]