Tour in Thailand – discovering beautiful places with its main attractions

Thailand, which often is as a land of smiles, one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. It is a vibrant city, the tourist attraction, tourists and honeymoon world from around the world tumbled. Its habitat, cultural heritage and beauty, islands, beaches, caves, bustling markets, parks, etc. In fact, the ideal place for a pleasant holiday. It's a different kind, offering attractions of Thailand, the most preferred destination in Asiafor field trips and excursions. In this beautiful city, there are many interesting places that are mentioned below, some interesting places for your visit to Thailand to visit.

The Grand Palace
Home to the king and his court, and the entire administrative system 150 years ago in Bangkok, the palace is more than the spiritual heart of the Thai Kingdom. To visit the large building, you need a boat that will take to take to Chang Pier and a short walk to the palace.

Thailand Holiday

SimilanNational Park
Similan National Park of Thailand offering underwater views into the depths of 2 meters to 30 meters. It also has exotic beaches, with the formation of granite rocks that plunge straight into the sea and coral reefs are the best place for cave diving.

Tour in Thailand – discovering beautiful places with its main attractions

Mountain cave Khao Ch'ien
And "a must-see attraction for your visit to Thailand is to believe the veteran cave paintings of various animals and creatures of the cave in 3000 years.

Located on the east coast of Thailand in Chonburi province is more popular than a weekend because of its proximity to Bangkok. Chonburi province has beautiful beaches like the famous seaside resort of Pattaya beach in the world is also located here.

Ko Samui
It borders with swaying coconut plantation Koi Samui is a beautiful island off the coast of southern Thailand. Here are the beaches like Hat and Hat Lamai Chawent are popular and are therefore not very full. But if you love peaceenvironment, and much worth a visit on the beach in Mae Nam.

In addition to these sights are wonderful, there are many other attractions worth visiting and exploring. But while the events in Thailand are also fascinating, attracting tourists from all over the world. Bangkok International Film Festival, Chinese New Year Festival, Music Festival Pattaya Festival Toh Moh Goddess Shrine Samui Carnival, the tournament of the King's Cup Elephant Polo, Sukhothai LawKrathong Festival and Chiang Mai Flower Festival, some important events that the beautiful blend of Thai history with this.

Now come on holiday in Thailand and of incredible beauty and sights and attractions on the visual and verbal description. So, book your package holiday to Thailand and enjoy your holiday in the place which is "Land of Smiles".

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